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Resurrection Gaming!
06/14/2011 23:42 by Hurgin.
Resurrection Gaming is a European raiding guild that has been Estiblashed on feenix on 13th of june. We are committed to maintaining both the quality of our raid force as well as the quality of our community - our appeal is to players who enjoy taking the challenges of the game seriously and who also take their teammates seriously. Resurrection Gaming is build up from Egotrip / Argent Crusade members, we expect to clear all content thats currently Available. We expect members to deliver their best performance in raids and contribute to progression outside of raids - through researching class mechanics and analyzing raid parses; through using addons and UI customiztaion to improve efficiency and performance; through high raid attendance and by coming to raids on time and prepared; by using the best available consumables, enchants ; by staying focused during raids; through a desire to improve and willingness to take constructive criticism; through enjoyment of troubleshooting the strategic and tacitcal challenges of complex encounters; and by maintaining a professional and positive attitude.


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