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11/02/2011 23:36 by Hurgin

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Viscidus, Twin emps, Ouro
10/13/2011 00:35 by Hurgin

Viscidus recorded by Dimov
Ouro/Twins recorded by Hurgin


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Full Naxxramas preview!
09/03/2011 20:18 by Hurgin

Enjoy, this is my final release of the naxx movie for the feenix server.
Next movie project will be : Blackwing lair the movie.



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Naxxramas?!?! Who's FIRED UP?
08/30/2011 15:38 by Hurgin

Hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as i enjoyed making it.

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Resurrection Gaming raiding stream
08/17/2011 13:34 by Hurgin

Hi there!

Most of our raids from now on will be streamed from this live stream site :


It seems i can't stream ventrilo with this, sadly. If anyone has an idea how to, pst Thorinn ingame.


08/14/2011 22:04 by Agramesch

Oh yea. Extremely fun fight, very well scripted (no flaws at all). Thank you Feenix Server for giving us this great fight!

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Twin Emperors movie!
08/11/2011 14:40 by Hurgin

Enjoy, this has been made on a crappy laptop. Ordered a new PC so you can expect the next movies to be better.

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We are recruiting!
08/07/2011 14:23 by Hurgin

Greetings visitors!

We are currently recruiting the following classes to expand our raiding core!

1 Healing Priest (Priest class leader is Andrada)
1-2 Mages (Mage class leader is Anotherguy, if he's not online whisper Dimov)
1 Druid (Druid class leader is Tassin)

- Ability to fill your role exceptionally and always be one step ahead.
- Ability to maintain 90% raid attendance
- Ability to take criticism and improve upon your abilities.
- Enjoy raiding, and have fun while keep in mind that fun doesn't interrupt your ability to do your role
- Know your class and be able to keep up on changes as well as keep up on current content and future content to stay one step ahead

If you are interested, then please click the apply button on the right side of this page. Please take the time to write your application, poorly written applications will be instant denied, even if you have good gear.

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Ouro Movie
08/05/2011 01:18 by Hurgin

I have set this up real fast, so don't blame me.
Sorry for the low FPS, wasn't playing on my normal computer.

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The ancient Sand Worm, Ouro defeated!
08/04/2011 19:41 by Hurgin

The ancient Sand Worm, Ouro, is a being of legendary power. He is rumored to have been created by the Old God C'Thun himself as a mockery of life. That resides in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj has been defeated by Resurrection Gaming!

We must say, the script was very interesting and fun to do.
Big thumbs up for the feenix devs!

Guild screenshot!

Video is up soon.


Twin Emperors are down!
08/02/2011 19:54 by Hurgin

The clever brothers Vek'lor and Vek'nilash are known as the Twin Emperors. That ruled over the qiraji from the sanctuary of their temple has been defeated!

Vek'Lor and Vek'Nilash stood no chance against Resurrection Gaming.

Guild screenshot :


07/28/2011 13:56 by Hurgin

Greetings visitors!

This week new content has been released on Feenix WoW.
We have been waiting for this moment for quite a while now.
We are all very excited to try the new content on Feenix.

We are going to attempt the Twin emeperors tuesday the 2nd of august, we are going to give our best.
We will be fully prepared and focused for more upcoming new content

To arms!


The team of Resurrection Gaming.


07/07/2011 21:53 by Hurgin


We all want to thank you very much for showing interest in Resurrection Gaming.
We have enjoyed reading most of your applications.

We will notify you via the site if we're in need of more people.


Resurrection Gaming


Ahn'Qiraj The Movie!
06/21/2011 14:49 by Hurgin

Thanks to Nevoria!


Content Cleared!
06/20/2011 10:36 by Hurgin

Resurrection Gaming has cleared all Molten Core, AQ 20, ZG, Blackwing Lair And AQ 40 in a total of 2 raid days!

Good job everyone!

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Resurrection Gaming!
06/14/2011 23:42 by Hurgin
Resurrection Gaming is a European raiding guild that has been Estiblashed on feenix on 13th of june. We are committed to maintaining both the quality of our raid force as well as the quality of our community - our appeal is to players who enjoy taking the challenges of the game seriously and who also take their teammates seriously. Resurrection Gaming is build up from Egotrip / Argent Crusade members, we expect to clear all content thats currently Available. We expect members to deliver their best performance in raids and contribute to progression outside of raids - through researching class mechanics and analyzing raid parses; through using addons and UI customiztaion to improve efficiency and performance; through high raid attendance and by coming to raids on time and prepared; by using the best available consumables, enchants ; by staying focused during raids; through a desire to improve and willingness to take constructive criticism; through enjoyment of troubleshooting the strategic and tacitcal challenges of complex encounters; and by maintaining a professional and positive attitude.

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Feenix Site
RG Youtube channel
Feenix Youtube channel

Guild Applications

Do you think you are an exceptional player?
Do you think Resurrection Gaming will fit you?
Then feel free to check out what we are recruiting below!
Good luck!

Druid Druid Open
Hunter Hunter Open
Mage Mage Closed
Paladin Paladin Closed
Priest Priest Open
Rogue Rogue Closed
Warlock Warlock Open
Warrior Warrior Closed
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  • amins2K http://yaconweightreview.com/
    09/02/2014 09:21
  • Anwrimos guys an1 online i want to apply but somethings wrong
    02/10/2012 22:56
  • Agramesch BWL on sunday guys!
    11/18/2011 18:12
  • Danyas is the server up yet ? cuz vent isn't working either:/
    11/16/2011 07:59
  • Indaco i bet we will do Server 3nd also
    11/10/2011 18:01
  • Tassin Server 1st and server 2nd, wtf.
    11/10/2011 10:18
  • Gennesis Will need more 20 min @ least to get on so replace me up if you wana
    11/06/2011 19:32
  • Indaco sulf pic plzzzz :D
    11/03/2011 12:49
  • Dimov GODSLAYERs
    11/03/2011 03:13
  • Blackwidow http://lv.twitch.tv/wezzon/b/299006743
    11/03/2011 00:06
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